After six and a half years, we have decided to call it quits. Our latest musical exploits are drastically different than what we've done in the past and we've had absolutely no desire to play our older material. The rift between our past and our future has grown too wide for us to bridge. We are just not the same band anymore.

7 Foot Midget has been an essential part of our lives, and we want to thank all the people who have supported us in one way or another over the years. This website will remain here as a sort of monument to all the good times we've had with the band.

We have a lot of leftover merch, so we will be selling it off at a hefty discount. Anyone who is interested should please check out the merch page.

We never got around to releasing our final recordings, so we have posted the MP3s on the audio page for download if anyone is interested in hearing them.

The members of 7 Foot Midget will go on to form a new project called Annum Ford. Check them out at

Thanks for everything,

7 Foot Midget